Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 3 pics

21Jul10 posted five new pictures for the upcoming season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

We’ve been seeing this Nikto Jedi for some time now, going back to the original preview they posted after the Season 2 finale.  In all the previews he’s been in, he’s fighting on a desert planet, which I’m starting to think is Ryloth, possibly since last year Dave Filoni stated that Ryloth will be featured again, and we’ve had no Ryloth in Season 2, so maybe Season 3.

According to the file’s name, and a “video transmission” from Dave Filoni, it seems that this Jedi’s name is Di (likely to be short for something), and his fate matches his name, and now I’m starting to be glad that it’s not Ma’kis’shaalas (although I’m a bit disappointed that he’s not featuring here…that we know of).  One thing that does strike me is those patterns on his clothes…it may not have any signifigance, just something I caught.

Nothing really new in this picture, it’s just a group shot of Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka.

With this picture and file name, we can put to rest the debate between Shaak Ti vs. Older Ahsoka that’s been going on since the Season 3 preview.  YES it is Shaak Ti! Which I’m glad, since she’s been one of my favorite Jedi for some time, and it seems she’ll be in Kamino, possibly defending it from an attack *nudge nudge, wink wink*.

One thing I noticed is that she’s wearing her robes, and judging from her pose here, she may be fighting in the robe, possibly suggesting that they have the technology and time to animate flowing robes in this season.

Now this is where things get interesting.  Some of you may remember a rumor about a book adaptation on the Season 3 premiere MOVIE about a group of shinies as they get promoted to ARC Troopers.  Now the movie rumor is apparently untrue, but the story may not be…and this trooper was on the cover of that book, which is called SW: TCW: Defenders of the Republic.

According to the file name, this trooper depicted is indeed an ARC Trooper.  Now people are speculating that this is Captain Fordo from the Genndy Tartakovsky Clone Wars micro-series, due to the red armor, and the ammo pack on the upper right area of his body.

Another thing which strikes me is that his helmet is a Phase II clone trooper helmet, with the different helmet “face” and the curved bits at the rim of the helmet.  A hologram of Phase II armor appeared in Season 2, so this probably makes me think that we may see some evolution from Phase I to Phase II armor, probably mid-way through the season.

This is another clone I’m very curious about.  One thing that amused me was that when I downloaded the file, it was named “peeking_at_filenames_img”.  Now Bonnie or whoever is in charge of this probably thought that we may try to find out more by looking at the file names, and she was more or less right.

The brown shape on his helmet looks like a cross between a ram and a dragon.  I’m thinking it’s more of a dragon, since the shape of the snout looks like a dragon’s, as well as the barbel on the face’s sides, but at the top of the helmet is what looks like the horns of a ram.  Apparently this one didn’t like the ideas of Mandalorian jaig eyes, so he fashioned his own eyes and made them look like horns.  Hehe…

So that’s it for now! With San Diego Comic-Con coming up this week, it’s likely there’ll be more pictures and a trailer, and I may try to analyze the individual scenes in the trailer.

– SS66 |T|


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